I very much so have a memory that I'd love to share with the community.

I messaged Wolfie, asking if it was okay to light a shitton of fireworks on sunday, the 27th of January, or if it would lag the server.

He immediatly jumped on board and said he'd even help me make it. We spent 4 days, Wolfie, Vinyls and I, making sure the surprise would be as good as it could be.

Take a look for yourself and feel free to tell me what you think of it.
Almvnds' Surprise
This is the video I recorded of the 6 month anniversary surprise for Almvnds I put together. Huge thanks to Wolfie and Vinyls for helping out.

As stated in the video, I apologize for the lag, not dealing with the hottest laptop atm.

Love you all,

Ardemash <3