Server Updates (11/12/2018)

By Wolfie - Posted Dec 10, 18

The server is open to the public, Hooray! There were many bugs, and we have had our handsful ensuring the quality of gameplay for our players is maintained at a high level. There have been many updates and tweaks to plugins in the game, i'll be listing all the changes made to the server:

[+] Silkspawners for users! You can now mine spawners with TNT as a user but beware, it has a 50% chance to not drop any spawner at all so do so at your own risk!

[+] Obsidian durability has been decreased from 12 direct tnt hits to 8 direct tnt hits.

[+] The world border has been revised and increased from 8000 to 10000 in the overworld. (5000 to -5000)

[+] The teleportation Delay has been decreased from 5 seconds to 3 seconds. 

[+] Multiple changes to prices of a ranging of items in the shop, with some items added and some items removed. (Obsidan price decreased, sell price increased.)

[+] Donator ranks have successfully been completed! To celebrate the holiday season we have a 20% off all ranks so get in while you still can!

[+] Counter measures to try prevent hacked clients. (Ensure to report any bugs experienced from installed anti-cheats to the Staff team)

[+] Minor changes to Factions settings to optimise gameplay. (You now must be 25 blocks away from an enemy to teleport, as opposed to the previous 32, revisions to the chunk claiming buffer ect..).

[+] Various small changes to many plugins within the servers frame work to ensure the server runs more efficiently. 

On an ending note, there have been some awesome suggestions so be sure to check them out and voice your opinon. Link to a thread

Additionally it is imperative that you check the rules as they are regulary updated and changed, recently a new section was added and to summarise it imposes a limit on accounts per network connecting to the server. Server Rules 

Thanks so much for choosing our server to play with, and if you find any issues or bugs be sure to report them to server staff asap. (You may receive a small reward on the side aswell!)

Thanks everyone,