Hey everyone, i know it's been awhile and i apologise for the lack of an update post in over 2 weeks, but finally here i am! I bring great news, Custom Enchantments are currently live on the server. To access the menu you can use either (/ce or /enchanter) in-game. This has been a long awaited addition, and i hope it was well worth the wait. Below will be a gif tutorial on how the plugin works for those unfamiliar:

Firstly, you must farm enough levels to buy an enchantment from either the Basic, Epic or Legendary tiers. (30 Levels, 35 Levels and 45 Levels respectively!). Once achieving this, you run /ce and click on the category you can afford / want to purchase:

Once you have purchased a book, you need to apply it to an item. This is done by holding the book in your hand, right clicking and then selecting the item you want to apply it to. It is important to remember, that some enchantments can only be applied to certain items, so check the book description before reporting to server Staff that a certain enchantment is broken or not functioning properly please. In this exampe, haste is only applicable to tools: 

So, now that you have successfully applied your enchantment it's time to try it out! There are many many different types of enchantments (/ce list to view all of them). Some of these are activated on equiping them in your armour slots, others apply their affects on the damage of an opponent in battle (E.g Thunder I has a chance to strike an enemy with lightning!). In this example, we are testing haste and how it functions:

Now that we've gone over how it functions, it's important to note a few features. Firstly, i will be adding custom enchants every week so keep an eye on new enchants coming in and the update logs, secondly some enchants you can only get in certain tiers, with the Legendary tier having enchants like Icarus I (fly in faction land) ect... Finally, you cannot combine two enchants of lower level to create one stronger one. You must buy the respective tier that the enchant is in to get it in it's highest level. (E.g you can get gears 1 in Basic and Epic, but only Gears II in Legendary). Happy enchanting everyone! Make sure to report bugs asap.

Now onto other changes:

[-] Christmas cheer was removed. :(

[+] More blocks to obsidian destroyer, obby destroyer works as it's supposed to.

[*] Adjustments to items in the /shop. (Notable additions being exp bottles and elytra's)

Thanks everyone, and rumour has it more crazy stuff is on the way!

Love Wolfs xxx